Thursday, June 03, 2010

Veggie Delivery - June 3, 2010

Fresh Batch of Veggies

Our latest CSA box has arrived, and it's loaded full of fun stuff. First strawberries of the season, folks! And, sadly, last asparagus of the season, but we'll enjoy it all the more. Pea vine, garlic scapes, and lots of things that sound good put in a stir fry or curry (bok choi, yukina savoy). Also, those hot pink carrots are not carrots at all, but Ostergruss radishes, which is a new variety for me. They're sure to be tasty with some Love Tree Farm cheese for a snack. Besides some Asian inspired dishes, I think it's high time for some pizza with these fresh veggies. I'm not sure what we'll do with the rhubarb yet, but perhaps some more infused vodka or simple syrup?

Thanks again to everyone at Harmony Valley Farm for another amazing delivery!
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