Thursday, August 11, 2011

Door County 'Maraschino' Cherries - Aug 8, 2011

Nick and I made our last visit to Madison for the summer this past weekend. I know, I'm choked up about it too. It's a good thing that we have our Madison Dinner Club reunion to look forward to in October or I'd be in a deep state of depression. Among the many pleasantly unexpected things that happened over the weekend, including bumping into fellow Madison Dinner Club alumni Matt and Nikki at Memorial Union (I squealed in delight!), we happened to luck out and find local Door County cherries at the Dane County Farmers' Market. Vendors were selling both the sweet and tart varieties and so I loaded up on a pint of each. The sweet cherries were consumed while sitting in a lovely patch of shade on the Capitol Square, watching our fellow market goers pass by, and revelling in summer time in Madison. The tart cherries travelled home with us and on Monday I made up a batch of Maraschino cherries for use in future Old Fashioneds.

Except, I didn't actually use Maraschino liqueur. I substituted amaretto, which we've had around for ages (I only bought it because I loved the colorful tin that it came in). Despite my love of all things almond, I am not a big amaretto drinker, and neither, it turns out, is Nick. I toyed around with using brandy, but ultimately the amaretto won out because I really wanted to find a use for it.

I haven't yet tried these, as they are still curing in our refrigerator, but I believe Old Fashioneds are in order for the weekend, so I'll have a report for you all soon.
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