Saturday, August 20, 2011

Fresh baked bread - August 20, 2011

This summer has been so brutal that I am starting to get anxious for fall and for cooler weather. Thankfully we seem to have exited the 100s and are now only hitting highs in the 90s, but the famous DC humidity remains brutally swampy. I don't fault the politicians one bit for getting the heck out of this place in August! I can't even imagine what it must have been like in the days before air conditioning...

Since we do live in 2011 and have central air, I'm able to pretend it isn't as bad as it is just by staying inside! I'm craving fall cooking season... looking forward to warming up the house with baked bread, roasts, and stews. So much so that I decided not to wait any longer. Richie's reminder that I needed to pick up sandwich bread at the grocery store inspired the inner homemaker in me to see if I could make a passable home made loaf. I used the very first recipe in The Bread Bible for "Mountain white bread." The recipe makes two sandwich loafs or two round loafs. Since I only have one loaf pan, I made one of each!

I thought it turned out deliciously and look forward to toast and sandwiches made from it all week. Richie said it was good too, but not for sandwiches. He'd prefer to stick with Wonder Bread. Oh well! You can't please them all of the time! Just throwing a loaf of Wonder Bread in my cart is a heckuva lot easier than making my own bread (and probably not much more expensive), so that just means I'll save bread baking for special treats for myself.

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