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Nectarine-Buttermilk Pops - Aug 11, 2011

I have a friend* that, like me, enjoys thrifting. She, of course, finds amazing things like a set of four fiberglass shell Eames chairs in aqua blue for $100 and mint condition mid-century modern credenzas in beautiful walnut.  I, on the other hand, find things like this:

A $1.69 popsicle mold set.

Oh well, when life gives you vintage kitchen ware, you should make nectarine-buttermilk pops. Or something like that. This thrifty find is actually quite fortuitous, as Sept 2011's Food & Wine has a delicious recipe for said pops. While Nick and I do own another popsicle mold set and could have made these in it, I so prefer the style of this mold compared to the rocket ship shape of the other, for this particular recipe anyway.

The pops turned out really well and they are so sweet and delicious. I especially like the buttermilk layer. I did make some minor changes to the recipe, most notably using my homemade ginger syrup in place of the ginger liqueur called for in the recipe. After this one small modification, I thought I was ready to go, but then remembered that alcohol changes the freezing point of liquids and thought I'd better add a bit to make sure these turned out right (hooray for chemistry!). I ended up adding vodka in the amounts specified for the ginger liqueur. I think it was a good decision, as these pops, while frozen solid, still have a nice slushy consistency to them. In fact, the nectarine bit reminds me ever so much of the peach brandy slush my Grandma used to make (and that my Grandpa would make sure our little 16 year old selves had glasses full of) at the holidays. Ahh, nostalgia. That's what thrifting's all about, right?

* You know who you are ;)  Hope you don't mind the shout out!

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