Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Potato Flatbreat with Olives and Feta - Aug 14, 2011

I've always said that I could eat pizza every day and not get bored. Well, that's not quite true, as after this I think I'm ready to be done with pizza for awhile. This does not reflect on the recipe in any way. We've just been having our fair share of pizza around here, and I'm ready for something different. This is another recipe from that handy-dandy back section of Sept 2011's Food & Wine magazine. I told you I had a bunch dog-eared.

Nick and I had some potatoes from the CSA to use up, along with feta and a small jar of olives. I have to say that I didn't really use the recipe other than for topping inspiration. When I make pizza at home I just kind of go on auto pilot, which in this case almost caused a big problem. I had to pull off the potato slices from the first pizza I had made up on the peel in order to cook them first. This step is clearly laid out in the recipe, by the way. I just wasn't paying attention. I ended up sauteing the potatoes in some olive oil for a couple minutes per side rather than baking them, since I had my broiler on, warming up to accommodate for the skillet pizza method we like to use. This worked out fine, but was a lot of extra work for not a lot of flavor.  All in all, I guess I'm not much of a potato pizza fan. 
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