Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Eggplant Pizza - August 9, 2011

Inspired by Nick and Jess's basil, onion, and feta pizza, I decided to try my hand at pizza making this week. I had several small eggplants of miscellaneous varieties hanging out in the refrigerator that I wasn't sure what to do with and this seemed like a good way to turn them into something delicious. I consulted several recipes on the web and ended up mostly following this one, with a few variations.

I do have a pizza stone but don't have a peel and am totally intimidated by the whole transferring to the stone bit, so I just made my pizza on a cookie sheet and just put the pan on top of the stone. I figure it still has the intended effect of transferring heat up so the crust gets a nice crisp. Worked like a charm.

I also cut back the amount of red pepper flakes to maybe 1/4 teaspoon and would probably eliminate them altogether if I were to make this again. I didn't succeed in spreading them out evenly so a couple bites had a very heavy dose of pepper, which wasn't pleasant at all.

Otherwise, my first at-home pizza was a success! And it was a great way to dispatch with a veggie that isn't one of my favorites.


Jess said...

That's a nice looking pizza! Good work. We have a pizza post coming up tomorrow.

Jaime said...

The leftover pieces are actually even better!

I think I have a visceral negative reaction to homemade pizza because I hated the stuff my mom made when I was a kid (sorry Mom...) Truth be told, the carryout pizza around here is not very good either. I'm happy to learn that I DON'T have to drive to New York for a decent slice - I can make it at home!


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