Friday, August 05, 2011

Jaime's CSA Delivery #7 - August 4, 2011

This week was a little blip in the CSA schedule where we had back-to-back deliveries, probably because the summer produce is coming in at a fast and furious rate. This week's delivery included the following: sugar pears, cucumbers, sungold tomatoes, heirloom and early girl tomatoes, several different colors of eggplant, an ambrosia melon, snap beans, and peaches. No more eggs for a while... apparently chickens are like the rest of us and get rather lazy when the hot weather hits!

I'm still not eating tomatoes and our neighbors who took last week's share are out of town, so I'm not sure what I'll do with these. I wish modern technology had perfected e-food delivery and I could just shoot them across the internet to share with my fellow dinner clubbers!

We have just two more shares in the summer subscription and I have decided that I will not sign up for the fall subscription. One reason is that the delivery is going to be far less convenient as my yoga studio is not participating as a pick up location, but the main reason is that the experiment just didn't work very well for us. On top of the potential food allergies, I was recently diagnosed with a kidney stone and may be restricted on what I can eat even further. I think I'll be better off just making a point of buying what I can eat from the farmer's markets on a week-by-week basis. This would bum me out more, but I also haven't been terribly impressed with the freshness or quality of many of the CSA items. The peaches in this week's share, for example, aren't nearly as flavorful as the ones we grew in our back yard. I'm still glad to have done the experiment though and think that perhaps, if we are living somewhere else and life has settled down for us again, I will try a CSA again.

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