Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Stuffing and Sweet Potatoes - Dec 1, 2010

Stuffing and Roasted Sweet Potatoes

We were at Nick's parent's for Thanksgiving this year, and Chip and Nan know how to do Thanksgiving up right, let me tell you. It was great having no cooking duties, however, I found myself craving stuffing in the days before we left town. I ended up making a batch one night last week. I cut up some whole wheat bread, onions, and celeriac and combined with some walnuts, chicken broth and butter and roasted until it was good and toast-y. Certainly, I could have eaten just a whole bowl of that and been happy, but I also roasted some sweet potatoes to balance things out a bit. I put butter and a dash of Chinese Five Spice powder on top of the potatoes, which is my new favorite stand-in for cinnamon. It was very tasty. I hope you all had happy and delicious Thanksgivings!
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