Monday, December 13, 2010

Falafal Sandwiches - Dec 13, 2010

Falafal in Pitas with Cucumbers, Lettuce, Hummus and Yogurt Mint Sauce

Ever since my visit to Madison last month I have been craving these. JJ made them for lunch one day and they were so satisfying. I have tried making falafal from scratch, but it always seemed to turn out too mushy. This time around I procured a pre-packaged mix. Saturday, after shoveling out our driveway (for the first time), Nick and I came in and enjoyed this for a hearty lunch. After cooking up some garbanzos, I made a quick hummus and mixed up some yogurt mint sauce, using some freshly made yogurt. I cooked up the falafal JJ style, which is to say I omitted making patties and just pan fried it as if it were ground meat. We stuffed some freshly toasted pitas with slices of cucumber and leaves of lettuce, and then piled in the hummus, falafal and yogurt sauce. This little bit of garbanzo on garbanzo action filled us up so completely that we didn't even make dinner because we were still full. That's pretty impressive on a day that we shoveled 13 inches of snow, including that heavy crap down at the end of the driveway that the plows push up. We got the remaining 4 inches of snow shoveled yesterday, bringing our grand total to 17 inches here in Minneapolis. I hope all you upper Midwesterners are dug out and I hope all the rest of you aren't too jealous of our awesome blizzard!

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