Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Brats! - April 26, 2010

Grilled Brats on Homemade Whole Wheat Buns with Apple and Manchego Salad

Hurrah! First brats of the season. I picked these up last week at the co-op on sale. I was going to pick up buns at a non co-op store while on an errand, but I couldn't find any without high fructose corn syrup in the ingredient list. So, I made up a batch in the bread machine using half white and half whole wheat pastry flour. They really didn't take that long...which is to say that I still had 3 hours before dinner to make them. I'm glad I did since they always taste exponentially better than store bought.

I also made this side salad modeled after one on the menu at Bar Lurcat. Nick grated the Manchego, which I recently learned is a sheeps' milk cheese from the La Mancha region of Spain ('Manchego' references 'La Mancha' for you food trivia lovers), while I matchsticked a Granny Smith apple. We tossed these two together and added some chopped fresh chives and parsley, both from the yard! A little salt and squeeze of lime juice was all we used to dress it. It was quite tasty.
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