Thursday, June 02, 2011

Jess and Nick's CSA Delivery #3 - June 2, 2011

Our third farm share arrived today and I couldn't be happier. In our box this week we have beautiful white spring turnips, which I love to serve together with their greens. Our first asparagus is here as well and this will be part of tonight's meal, as the taste and quality of asparagus is best when consumed as close to picking as possible. Next up we have our green garlic, which is a spring favorite of mine. It adds a soft garlic flavor when added fresh to salads and is excellent grilled. And, like Jaime's last delivery, we have some French Breakfast radishes, which are hands down my favorite kind of radish. These are very mild as radishes go and are excellent on breakfast sandwiches with toasted bread and some creamy, herbed cheese...even eggs if you choose to be really fancy. I welcome more rhubarb wholeheartedly as my infusions from last week were consumed and gifted over Memorial weekend. I can't wait to make up a fresh batch of syrup for my rhubarb juleps. This week's Harmony Valley Newsletter has instructions for how to make some, or you can check right here on the blog. The last picture in the collage is yukina savoy, which is great in an Asian-style salad, dressed with some toasted sesame oil and ginger. It's also a nice ingredient for stir-fries. Not pictured are our Egyptian Walking onions (which are difficult to tell apart from the green garlic, but just look at the green tips and you will see that garlic is flat, while the onions are tubular, and not in the 80's surfing-term-meaning-awesome way, but in the geometric shape way); spinach; saute mix; and salad mix.

A heartfelt thank you goes out to everyone at Harmony Valley Farm.  I know you are working hard to bring amazing vegetables to our tables despite the unseasonably cool spring.  You guys are my heroes! 
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Jaime said...

I love your artful photo collages... How do you do them?

Jess said...

Picasa, which is what we use for our photos, has a 'collage' button down at the bottom menu. I simply collect all the photos I want to use in the holding tray and hit the collage button. Picasa does all the heavy lifting for me!


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