Saturday, June 25, 2011

Weekly Fish #7: Seafood Pasta

I bought some great fresh fettuccine from Broder's, perfectly portioned for two, at the Fulton Farmer's Market this AM. Being that it was Weekly Fish time, tonight's dinner was ordained.

To start, I seared the scallops for a couple minutes in oil and butter, and set them aside to be added back to the sauce later after quartering.

Next, I cooked the clams in a hot pan with butter and oil, which opened most of them up after a few minutes, and put on the lid to steam the rest open. I added some onions, coarsely chopped tomatoes, red pepper flakes, salt and pepper, and then the scallops to warm it all up.

The fettuccine, being fresh, cooked up in about 90 seconds, and was left for the very end of preparations.

Not included in the picture is the savory brown sauce left in the pan, built from the clams, scallops and tomatoes. It was a deep and spicy sauce that was reminiscent of a roux, but which had almost nothing in common with it. It was a very satisfying dish, not overly heavy, and gone in about 3 minutes.

The Golden Ale from New Glarus Brewing Company ranks near the top of the list of our favorite beers in their stable. It has a great sour note, which paired well with the dark and spicy seafood.

This was our last bottle of Golden Ale, which can only be purchased on site at the brewery, so it looks like another trip to Madison is gonna have to happen soon...
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Jaime said...

Hope your next trip to Madison is next weekend when we will be there too!!! Sorry I've been absent on the blogging lately... been traveling more than I'm home but looking forward to some relief in mid and late July when I finish yoga teacher training and all the schools are closed!


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