Monday, June 20, 2011

Egg Salad Sandwiches - June 17, 2011

Nick and I love a good egg salad and these sandwiches fit the bill nicely. Now that all the farmers' markets are up and running in and around Minneapolis, we have been getting our eggs on our market excursions. I was a twinge envious to see that Jaime gets hers right in her CSA deliveries, but on the bright side, this gives us something to buy at the market since we rarely ever need to buy veggies. Friday night I whipped these up by first hard boiling some eggs. I boiled nine, with six going into the salad and three left over for snacks. They turned out really well with perfect yellow grey/green ring. Once cooled, I chopped the eggs and added a chopped garlic scape and some mayonnaise with a pinch of salt and pepper to taste. This was a very simple egg salad. I piled loads of our precious green romaine lettuce leaves on seedy toast, followed by a big scoop of the egg salad.

The sandwiches were simple and perfect and accompanied by the best homemade ginger soda I have ever made. Instead of chopping the ginger by hand like I usually do, I used the food processor with the grater attachment which got the ginger much more finely chopped. I added that to the simple syrup along with some gently crushed coriander seeds and let everything steep for about an hour before straining out the solids. The syrup is a good three shades darker than normal and the resulting soda has a much more intense ginger flavor. What a treat.
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