Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Grilled Chicken and Parsnips - June 5, 2011

Nick actually cooked this, in place of his weekly fish, because I bought a whole chicken at the co-op and it needed cooking. Normally Nick blogs what he cooks, and I blog what I cook, but he's having a busy week so you get me instead. As you may remember, the grill ran out of gas (or so we thought) the night Nick tried grilling the branzino. So, before he began this meal, Nick ran out to exchange our "empty" tank for a full one. After a bit of running around due to an incompatible nozzle issue, he had the full tank installed. Unfortunately, the grill was still not getting any hotter than 300 degrees. This simply would not do. So Nick, Internet wizard that he is, found a trouble shooting guide online* and worked his magic to fix the thing. He's my hero.

We decided on a simple Thomas Keller recipe for the chicken that involved only salt and pepper for the seasoning. Once the chicken was done, quite quickly once the grill started working properly, Nick threw on some parsnips which he had parboiled and seasoned with smoked Spanish paprika, salt and pepper. At this point, I chipped in and mixed up a little green salad to serve alongside everything.

Dinner was delicious. The chicken was moist and full of good char-grilled flavor. The parsnips were sweet and smokey. The green salad was cool and refreshing. Not a bad Sunday supper.

*I will have Nick post a link to the trouble shooting guide shortly.
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