Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Pitas with Hummus and Veggies - June 20, 2011

It would appear as though Nick and I are on a bit of a sandwich kick around here. In our defense, when our CSA farm supplies us with two beautiful heads of lettuce it's hard to plan otherwise. Lettuce just means sandwiches to me. So, for sandwich number two of the week I made up a fresh batch of hummus. While I had the food processor out, I shredded up some carrots and one of our kohlrabi bulbs. My initial plan was to use the lettuce leaves to make hummus 'wraps,' but then Nick found some pitas in the fridge that I had forgotten about, so we decided to incorporate them into the meal. We heated up the whole wheat pitas and promptly stuffed them with crispy baby romaine lettuce leaves, hummus, shredded carrots, and shredded kohlrabi. The results were incredibly satisfying. All the veggies brought a nice crispness to accompany the creamy texture of the hummus. And, the lemon juice and garlic in the hummus added great flavor.  You will hear no complaints from me when sandwiches show up on my plate more than once a week. 
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