Thursday, June 16, 2011

Jess & Nick's CSA Delivery #4 - June 16, 2011

It's here and I'm excited. I just picked up our latest installment of veggies and it's quite a delightful box. First up are some white scallions which will probably find their way into salads and salsas over then next couple weeks. The scallions are followed by pea vine, which is the young vine of a growing pea plant. These guys are quite fun to work with since they give us a fresh, sweet taste of peas well before the peas are actually ready. The stems can get pretty stringy if they are too tough, so be sure to avoid them in your finished meals. More vibrant French breakfast radishes arrived as well. I have plans to make them into a radish salsa from a recipe in our new How to Cook Everything book, by Mark Bittman (Thanks Chip and Nan!). Both green romaine (pictured) and mini red leaf (not) lettuce showed up this week too. The farm grew these smaller varieties for our boxes to help minimize waste. According to the newsletter, head lettuces are quite fussy to grow and require very specific soil temperatures and light. We will make sure to cherish our little heads after all the work that went into growing them!

The first picture in the bottom row shows our bundle of garlic scapes. These guys are lots of fun and quite delicious. I am excited because I planted garlic in the yard last fall and my plants have also produced scapes in the last two weeks, so everything appears to be right on schedule. I love these chopped up and added to salads, or grilled. They have a perfect mild garlic flavor. A very special treat has shown up this week as well...our first little basket of strawberries! This is so exciting. I can tell you all right now that these will all be eaten fresh, just popped into our mouths over the next 24 hours. We also received some kohlrabi, of which I am quite fond. I really just love anything in the brassica family. Mark Bittman also had a few ideas for how to use kohlrabi, so I will most likely be consulting him for a preparation technique. The last picture is bok choi, which appears to be a little bonus since it's not listed on the newsletter. We're happy to see it. Not pictured above, but also found in our box this week are arugula and salad mix, complete with colorful nasturtiums.

As always, a big thank you to the Harmony Valley Farmers, delivery truck drivers, and pick-up site coordinators for making all of this possible. You guys are the best!
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