Friday, May 20, 2011

Jaime's CSA Delivery #1 - May 20, 2011

They are here! I was so excited to pick up my first delivery of CSA produce this week from Olin-Fox Farms in Reedville, Virginia. I brought it right home, and immediately unwrapped everything so I could take a picture of all of it! Then I had to wrap it it back up and start figuring out what the heck I'm going to do with it... You all know Richie is not a big veggie eater (and truth be told, I'm not that big of one either), but I'm committed to using this experience to expand our horizons.

This week's goodies, clockwise from upper left, are: sugar snap peas, free range eggs, spearmint, strawberries, spinach, green onions, turnips, radishes, and pac choi.

We eat the sugar snap peas like candy, just snacking on them straight out of the refrigerator. The strawberries are delicious and I know we'll have no problem with the spinach or the eggs. But I've never been a radish fan and I have never cooked turnips or pac choi (which I had to Google in order to discover it is the same thing as the Americanized spelling "bok choy") before. Any ideas, dinner clubbers?


Jess said...

YUM! How exciting...I love that you get eggs. I also struggle with radishes, but yours look like French Breakfast radishes, which are quite mild. I would use them as their name suggests and slice them to top an egg and spinach breakfast sandwich. Bok choy/pac choi is great in stir fries and as a side for Korean BBQ ribs. can use both the greens and the roots, preferably in the same dish. Try sauteeing onions and cubed turnip roots in butter; once soft, add the roughly chopped greens along with some raisins (or if you're me, craisins) and a splash of white wine and cook until wilted. Eat as a side or mix in with quinoa or pasta for a main dish. I can't wait to see what you make with all of this!

Jaime said...

Indeed, the radishes are not bad! Tonight I made a Caesar-ish salad of spinach, sugar snap peas, two of the radishes sliced thinly, and some parmesan cheese with store bought Caesar dressing. It was delicious! The radishes were pretty mild, just had a slight kick to them. I love the idea of the spinach breakfast sandwich and will totally do that tomorrow morning!

Nick said...

I agree that radishes are the more annoying members of the vegetable world, and the preparations I seem to like tend to hide the spice a bit. Maybe you can add them to something in lieu of black pepper ... as in a radish and cream cheese tea sandwich?

By the way, your farm share looks to be much more advanced in the season than our more northern climate CSA. I'm excited to see your updates as a preview to what we hopefully will see in our own box someday!

Jaime said...

Our growing season is quite a bit ahead of yours. In fact, the farm actually does shares that go year round. I just started with the summer share, which began now. If we can manage to eat most of it and not let it go to waste, then we'll sign on for the fall, winter, and spring shares too!


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