Thursday, May 05, 2011

Hello Veggies! - May 5, 2011

Our first box of vegetables has arrived! Pictured above are my fresh lovelies. They are a mix of early spring growers, overwintered root vegetables, and foraged goodness. Starting in the upper left are some fresh chives, which are almost always the first of my perennial herbs to appear in the yard. next up are beautiful ramps, true harbingers of spring. Ramps are a wild leek and must be foraged since they do not take well to attempts at domestication. I've heard some recent chatter that these spring delights are being over-foraged and that sustainability is a genuine concern. I feel incredibly lucky that Harmony Valley is such a responsible steward of the land and I can enjoy my ramps guilt-free. This delivery also brings us some 'super chilies,' which are new to us this year, and more old favorites including red Russian kale; black radishes; sunchokes (!!); parsnips; and lemony sorrel. Not pictured is our big bag of overwintered spinach. The farm plants this in the fall and leaves it in the field all winter. The cold weather we have here makes the leaves extra sweet. If any of you Dinner Clubbers find yourselves with similar ingredients in your kitchen feel free to search this site to see how we've used these vegetables in previous seasons, or check the Harmony Valley blog for lots of inspiration.

Welcome back to our kitchen Harmony Valley! Thank you for this beautiful spring delivery.
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Jaime said...

Yum! Love seeing the early spring veggies. I can't believe they manage to overwinter spinach! I wonder if that is possible in a container garden? I might try it this year here in Virginia.


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