Monday, May 16, 2011

Creamed Greens over Polenta - May 16, 2011

With the exception of one crazy 88 degree day last week (which ended in tornadoes and hail storms), we have had a very cold, cloudy and wet spring here in Minneapolis. It's been so cold in fact, that we still haven't had lilacs or crab apples bloom yet, which puts us at least two weeks behind where we usually are this time of year. All this cold weather has had me returning to the warm comfort food I normally associate with winter. Case in point, creamed greens and polenta. I was inspired by a side dish at The Craftsman, as well as a recent visit to another local favorite,  Brasa Rotisserie. We often do sauteed greens, but I've never made creamed greens until now. I found this recipe online and had to use whole milk instead of heavy cream because that was the only dairy I had on hand. Despite significantly lower fat content, the greens, a combination of kale and spinach from our CSA farm, were still rich and delicious. I made the polenta using chicken stock and mixed in grated Pecorino-Romano cheese towards the end of the cooking time. This meal was tasty and satisfying, but I trust that you'll understand when I say that don't want to have make this again for at least three months. I really, really just want the sun to come out so I can start craving yummy spring and summer food.
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