Thursday, May 26, 2011

Spring-Time Pizza - May 26, 2011


Last night was pizza night, and a chance to use up more of our delicious ramp and nettle pesto. I made up some fresh pizza dough using a combination of white and freshly milled whole wheat flours. We again used the skillet pizza method, which I cannot recommend more highly. It is quick, easy, and makes the best pizza I have ever had at home. It has effectively cured me of my wood burning pizza oven envy.  I mean, come on, to get these results and not even have to turn on your oven?  Love.  In addition to the pesto, we topped the pizza with some smoked provolone and Pecorino-Romano cheeses, olive oil, coarse green garlic infused sea salt and freshly ground pepper. Oh, and an egg, just for fun.


After two minutes under the broiler (well, actually closer to three...the egg was a little slow in cooking) we got a perfectly charred, crispy pizza. As much as I enjoyed the pesto over pasta, it was ten times better on the pizza. Cooking it gave such a delicious roasted onion and garlic flavor, and the smoked cheese was a perfect addition. Also, last night was the first chance we had to try out our new pizza peel, which I snagged while out thrifting, of course. It worked great and was much easier to maneuver than our big wooden cutting board, which is what we had been using for pizza transport.
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