Saturday, April 30, 2011

Weekly Fish #2: Smoked Salmon

Our second installment of Weekly Fish highlights the new smoker that Jess found at the thrift store for a steal. We previously tried some smoked mushrooms and deemed it a success, so naturally we wanted to take it to the next level. Salmon came to mind as a fish that could handle the heat, and so it was to be.

The smoking process begins with heating up some soaked wood chips for a while, then throwing the fish on a rack above the wood chips, and sealing the whole thing for a while. The smoker was quite effective at infusing the fish with a strong smoke flavor, and the house with an equally strong smoke aroma. That's the price of a stove-top smoker: the sensation you've just stepped away from a campfire.

I followed the directions included in the smoker, but found that the fish was undercooked. I ended up finishing the salmon in a grill pan, which didn't seem to take away from the smokiness at all. And I do think the salmon could have stood a little less ... smoke.

Not too shabby, though. You see it plated here with a bit of quinoa, wild rice, dried fruit, pecans, and kale.

I think the next thing we ought to smokeshould be a bit heartier than salmon (itself quite a hearty fish). Ribs anyone? Oh yes.

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