Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Pantry Restocking and New Recipes - July 7, 2010

Treats from Bill's and Penzey's

While my sister is in town, visiting from Portland, we have been trying to visit many of her favorite haunts. It's been fun, because they tend to be my favorite places as well. Today we checked out Bill's Imported Foods and I picked up some dried currants and cranberries. I also found some fun items with which to season iced teas, including dried hibiscus flowers and dried linden flowers (!!). I love, love, love the fragrant Linden (aka Basswood) tree blooms throughout June and I've been missing their heady scent lately, so I was doubly excited at the prospect of making some flavored iced tea with the dried blossoms to prolong my enjoyment. We also stopped by Penzey's Spices (which they do have in Portland) and stocked up on a couple of items including whole cumin seed (which I never have when I need) and Chicago Seasoning.

Recipes in the Mail

And, waiting for me in the mail upon our return home, was a big manilla envelope full of recipes from Aunt Judy! I love getting new recipe inspiration and know these will all be delicious, because Judy is an incredible cook. So be on the lookout for some new recipes in the upcoming weeks. Thank you so much for thinking of us Judy!
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