Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Holiday Highlights - July 3-7,2010

Holiday Highlights

Sorry for the lack of posts over the long holiday weekend, Dinner Clubbers. My sister (plus Scott) have been visiting and it seems as though we've been eating nearly every meal out, leaving the kitchen cold. But, just because I haven't been cooking much doesn't mean we aren't having fun. Highlights include a quick jaunt over to Madison (where I took hardly any pictures) for beers and brats, plus a chance to meet up with original Dinner Clubber, Jaime and husband Richie, who were also in town for the holiday (yay!); homemade donuts; a walk around Minnehaha Falls; and the sauce line-up at Sea Salt, which is an amazingly awesome venue for fish tacos and local Minnesota brews! So no worries, I haven't forgotten my blog duties and cooking should start up again in earnest soon.
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