Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Japanese Quinoa with Egg and Snow Peas - July 14, 2010

Japanese Quinoa with Egg Whites and Blanched Snow Peas

I found the recipe for this tasty quinoa here (scroll down a's there), via the kitchn. It sounded good when I read it, and tasted great! As usual, I had to make a couple substitutions due to pantry limitations, including cippolini onions for the shallots and vermouth for the sake, but all turned out well. Also, I had a bowl of egg whites in the fridge (leftover from a dessert you will hear about soon) and decided to use them up by cooking with salt and pepper and placing them on top of the quinoa as an additional protein source. The snow peas just looked like they belonged in the bowl as well, so I treated them to a quick blanching and tossed them in. Everything was delicious and I have a feeling this Japanese-inspired dressing will find itself in other dishes in days to come.
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