Thursday, September 08, 2011

Labor Day Weekend Brunch - Sept 4, 2011

Long weekends are fabulous for a number of reasons, but especially because they allow for an extra morning to enjoy brunch. Anna's mom made a delicious quiche for us all a few weekends ago when Anna was in town and it was my muse for the quiche pictured above. I made up some pie crust and let it chill while I prepped the remainder of the ingredients. I used vitamin greens, which were in our last CSA delivery, onions, eggs, half and half, and Pecorino-Romano cheese. I looked up a general quiche recipe in one of our cookbooks and roughly based my ratios on it. I must have done something wrong though, because, although delicious, mine lacked the fluffiness of Gloria's. Fluffiness is quite integral to a quiche, in my opinion. Note to self: get Gloria's recipe.

This was our brunch beverage, and it was not lacking in any of the integral categories, which I deem to be fruitiness, tartness, sweetness, and effervescence. I dug out some grapefruit juice that had been in the fridge for awhile and combined it with our omnipresent ginger simple syrup and some charged water. The lime garnish was the perfect finishing touch. In the glass above, I used 1 shot of ginger syrup, 2 shots grapefruit juice, 2-3 ice cubes, and I topped it off with bubble water, although this could just as easily been sparkling wine had we needed a little hair of the dog. It was very reminiscent of this, but a good substitute when fresh grapefruits are not in season.
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