Sunday, September 04, 2011

Green Meatballs and Pasta - September 4, 2011

(This is not my picture, though my dish looked very similar. I was so excited to eat that I forgot to take a picture first! This picture is from the Serious Eats post by Blake Royer where I found this recipe.)

Our herb garden is going crazy and so this Mark Bittman recipe for "Pasta with Green Meatballs and Herb Sauce" seemed like a perfect way to put some of them to good use and make a tasty simple dish that tasted like summer. I made only a couple changes, mainly to use some dried breadcrumbs rather than the piece of sandwich bread with milk, and I halved the amount of pasta but kept everything else the same. I liked the ratio of sauce to noodles but Richie made a good point that a broader noodle than spaghetti might have been better because the pesto-like herb sauce could stick to it better.

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