Friday, September 02, 2011

Grilled Vegetable Panini - Aug 2011

Sandwiches are my lazy summer meal of choice. This one was particularly good. Nick and I received our first peppers of the season from our CSA and decided to toss them with some onions and olive oil, plus a little balsamic vinegar. We took this little mixture and sauteed it until the veggies were just starting to soften and the edges beginning to brown. We piled this onto some whole wheat bread with sunflower seeds and added sliced tomatoes and sharp cheddar cheese (we've done another version of this with homemade hummus too, and it was delicious). Since we don't have a panini press, I simply heated our trusty cast iron grill pan and toasted the sandwiches on it, flipping once and weighting things down with something I had handy. It worked great and I am happy not to feel the need to own yet another kitchen appliance.
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