Thursday, September 29, 2011

Chicken and Waffles - Sept 19, 2011

The latest Bon Appetit has a spread on soul food and this recipe was included. As a Yankee, this combination always seems a bit strange to me, but Nick doesn't let that get in his way. Perhaps it's due to the formative years he spent in the Mid-Atlantic, just south of the Mason-Dixon line. Nick actually butchered this whole chicken in preparation for this meal. And, when I say 'butchered,' I mean that he cut apart a whole chicken that we had purchased at the co-op, which was already dead and cleaned. I don't want my above statement to mislead anyone into thinking that we did more work than we actually did.

Meanwhile, I mixed up the buttermilk marinade and we soaked the bird for significantly fewer hours than recommended in the recipe. It seemed to turn out okay despite our poor direction following. When we were ready, we fried this up in coconut oil, which made everything that much more decadent, and was our measly attempt at celebrating International Talk Like a Pirate Day. I'm certain that pirates would use coconut oil when frying a chicken. (Avast, me hearties, we also mixed up some Dark 'n Stormy's after dinner to complete our Pirate themed celebrations).

Instead of making the sweet potato waffles from scratch as laid out in the magazine, we totally cheated and just used up some Trader Joe's pumpkin pancake and waffle mix for our waffles. I did use buttermilk instead of water to mix up the batter, which made them extra fluffy.

This was fun and tasty, but I think my plate needed some creamed collard greens or something. And, I still think this is a strange combination, which, bless my heart, probably means that I'll never overcome my Northern roots.
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Jaime said...

Using coconut oil is my new goal! I learned that it contains medium-chain tryglicerides (MCT), which is supposed to be the kind of fat my shortened gut best absorbs. I just bought a jar at Whole Foods, but haven't been brave enough to try it yet.


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