Thursday, September 08, 2011

Jess & Nick's CSA Delivery #10 - Sept 8, 2011

Our latest delivery has arrived and some of the highlights are pictured above.  Starting in the top left corner we have some spigariello from the brassica family; cabbage; peppers; cucumbers and zucchini; watermelon; broccoli; lemongrass; and baby romaine lettuce.  Vegetables not pictured include: edamame; petite French green beans; onions; Italian garlic; a French breakfast melon; and a tomato.  I am quite excited about the lemongrass.  It delights me that this northerly climate supports growing this tropical grass.  I'm probably going to use some of it to infuse some simple syrup in combination with ginger root.  The peppers are delightful as well and will probably be used in some grilled kebabs along with the onions and zucchini.  That's all I have planned so far, but I'm sure everything will find it's way into delicious meals.

Thank you, Harmony Valley Farm!
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