Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Late Summer Pasta - Sept 2, 2011

Nick and I made this colorful summer pasta last week, using up a bunch of our CSA stash. This dish fell together as I rummaged through the fridge pulling out bags of vegetables. Summer squash, onions, edamame, Thai basil, and tomatoes all found their way into the dinner bowl. I chopped and sauteed the summer squash and onions, then set them aside. I shelled our edamame and blanched them briefly in boiling water, putting them with the squash and onions. Next, I halved the little tomatoes and tossed them with the rest. Finally, I added the pasta, the herbs, and some Pecorino-Romano cheese, along with salt and pepper to taste. It was quite pleasing to the palate, simple and fresh, and very colorful.
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