Saturday, September 03, 2011

Jaime's CSA Delivery #9 - September 1, 2011

This is the final share of the summer season and I elected not to participate in the fall season, so this will be my last CSA post for now. After these are eaten up, I'm going to start making an extra effort to get to our local farmer's markets on a regular basis... we have one that is a super convenient location (the parking lot of the Kingstowne shopping center, just about a mile from our house) but at an inconvenient time (4-7 on Fridays); and another that is harder to get to (in Old Town Alexandria) but at a better time (Saturday mornings). I'm also investigating buying meat from a local farm because various new health concerns have led me to be even more aware of and conscious of what I put in my body. It is costly, which pains me because I have become very frugal in my middle age, but may just be worth the expense. I'll write more about that later...

This final share contains some things I was excited to see. The peaches are delicious, and since our early season peaches are long finished I'm happy to have more of them in my house. Especially in a manageable quantity! The share also included more free range eggs (yay for cooler weather and happy chickens!) and some really tasty honey crisp apples. Richie likes the green bell peppers, and I never mind seeing basil even though we have a ton of it growing on our deck. The eggplant is a challenge as neither of us like it very much and I'm still having allergy issues with the tomatoes, summer squash, and butternut squash but will try experimenting with them in a little bit.

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