Thursday, May 27, 2010

Wild Rice with Spring Turnips and Currants - May 26, 2010

Wild Rice mixed with Turnips, Turnip Greens and Dried Currants

Perusing through the turnip section of Asparagus to Zucchini, I spied a recipe utilizing the complete turnip, root to tip. I thought it was a great idea and we gave it a try last night with the spring turnips we received from our CSA share. For my version I diced an onion, cubed about 10 small turnip roots, and roughly chopped the turnip greens. I sauteed the onions in butter until they were soft and then threw in the turnip roots along with a dash of salt. After about 5-7 minutes the turnips were softening and beginning to brown. Next I tossed in the greens and about a half cup of dried currants (any dried fruit of your preference could be used here). Once the greens were wilted (about 2 min), I turned off the heat and mixed everything into some wild rice I had prepared earlier (here again, any grain/pasta/rice of your choice would work). We both thought this was very good, and Nick had the leftovers for lunch today, topped with his favorite smoked trout.
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Josh said...

Yum. Your dishes always look delicious. I may look into ordering that book too since we have tons of farm food coming our way!
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