Thursday, May 06, 2010

First CSA Delivery of the Season! - May 6, 2010

Beautiful Veggies!

Today is the day, Dinner Clubbers. It is the day marked on my calendar with a big red circle and exclamation points. The day I have been waiting for like a kid waits for Christmas morning. Do you blame me? Look at this beautiful green bunch of goodness.

Do you know what I'm super excited about? The ramps. I was worried with our warm spring that we may have missed the ramp window. I took a gamble yesterday at the co-op and left ramps sitting on the shelf (they were $2.79 per ramp!) in the hopes we would get some in our box today. Hurray! Two big beautiful bunches showed up so my decision paid off. Big.

Almost equally exciting is the asparagus. I've held off on purchasing any yet this spring because none that I've seen has been local. Exercising restraint with food is not my strong suit, so I'm pretty proud of myself for this one. This asparagus is going to taste all the better for it, I'm sure.

Other notables include sorrel, a super yummy, bright, lemony green, excellent added to salads; red Russian kale (front and center with the little yellow flowers) which is supposed to be good with fish; two giant stalks of rhubarb, which I've recently seen starring in some delicious looking crumbles here, here, and here; my favorite sunchokes; darling French breakfast radishes...oh who am I kidding, the whole box is notable.

Thank you so much to the whole crew over at Harmony Valley Farm! I'm so excited to have you back for the season.
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Ivan said...

After picking up my box from Harmony Valley in Uptown Minneapolis I Googled Red Russian Kale and thought you might want to know your post was hit #2.

Jess said...

Ivan - That's hilarious! Thanks for the info and enjoy your red Russian Kale.

j.j. said...

Oh boy! Let the fun begin!!! Looks great and seeing this box of goodness makes me ever-more excited for our first delivery in one month.

I am just about to see where I can find your blog on google...sounds exciting! :)

Have a great time with the veggies and I will be excited for some fun posts this week!! Take care~


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