Thursday, July 28, 2011

Jess & Nick's CSA Delivery #7 - July 28, 2011

Our new veggies are here! This week's delivery includes carrots; our first potatoes of the year; beet roots and greens; onions; sweet corn (Nick and I cheated and bought some at the Farmers' Market last weekend so we've already had our first sweet corn of the summer); summer squash...I have almost enough to make chocolate zucchini cake; more callaloo (I really can't bring myself to call these beautiful magenta leaves amaranth greens anymore, so I'm adopting their Jamaican name); fennel; and broccoli.

Not pictured are saute greens; cucumbers, which thanks to Jaime's cucumber mint cooler post I've been using in smoothies; Italian basil from the choice box; and garlic.

In addition to the chocolate zucchini cake, I'm thinking about making a grilled corn and bacon salad, as well as some kind of potato salad over the next couple weeks. So far, that's all that's come to mind, but I'm sure that all these beautiful vegetables will inspire all kinds of delicious meals in the days to come.

As always, our heartiest thanks go out to all the hard working people at Harmony Valley Farm.
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