Thursday, July 21, 2011

Grilled Veggie Packet - July 20, 2011

Our last night without an oven and we chose to use the grill again. We had some burgers in the freezer so we threw them on. Instead of a salad this time we chose to make up a grill packet with some of our CSA veggies to serve alongside the burgers. We used green beans, summer squash and some baby onions, tossed everything with olive oil, salt and pepper and wrapped it up in aluminum foil. After five minutes on the grill it was ready. Nick stated that this could have been cooked longer. I'll say maybe, but not more than another minute. I thought the veggies were perfectly heated through, but still so fresh and crunchy. It was quite delicious, as were the burgers.

Appliances used: gas grill

This wraps up our Ovenless Dinner Club Challenge. 'What,' you say? 'But that's only five meals and you guys were without an oven for nine days.' I can feel your incredulousness. Well, we cheated. Nick and I were both out of town for the weekend, he in Madison (lucky boy) and me in Southern Minnesota visiting my parents and taking advantage of their pool (lucky me), so that's three dinners right there. The remaining night we apologetically ordered out. I told you, heat makes me lazy.
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