Friday, July 22, 2011

Happy Weekend - July 22, 2011

Nothing new here, Dinner Clubbers. Just another Pimm's Number One Cup, this time garnished with my very first borage flower. I planted borage specifically because I read that it is used to flavor Pimm's cups. Nick and I like to joke that we have a 'cocktail garden.'

The heat has broken (kind of) here in Minneapolis and I am looking forward to a weekend at home, utilizing my newly functioning oven and getting to some long overdue household tasks. In between this, I will of course be enjoying some deliciously cool and herbaceous beverages on the porch. I hope you all will be doing something you similarly enjoy.

A special greeting to all my loved ones that celebrate birthdays this week. There are quite a few of you and rest assured, Nick and I will raise a toast to each of you!
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