Friday, July 15, 2011

Jaime's CSA Deliveries - #4 & 5

Sorry for my absence from this blog for the past few weeks. Things have been insanely busy out here so far this summer and it is somewhat a miracle that we've managed to continue to feed ourselves at all! Since my last post, I've traveled thousands of miles for work (South Carolina, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and New York) and for pleasure (to Wisconsin!) and finished the classroom portion of the 200-hour yoga teacher training program I'm doing. All I have left is to successfully complete my 90-minute final practicum class next week, and I'm a Registered Yoga Teacher!

Thankfully, life will begin to moderate and the rest of the summer should be quite a bit calmer. I'm looking forward to embracing my inner homemaker! I noticed today that our house is a bit grimy around the edges (funny how you can put blinders on and just ignore that stuff when you want to) and could stand a good spring cleaning. Veggies are also coming fast and furious from the CSA and from our little patio garden. Some have made it to the freezer, many we have eaten fresh, and only a small amount ended up returning to the earth via our garbage disposal. I'm looking forward to getting back to meal planning and eating some quality food instead of the fast food I'm forced to live on when on the road.

Delivery #4 came two weeks ago and as I unpacked it, I noticed immediately that it created a near complete rainbow of colors (only thing missing is blue). This bag consisted of red potatoes, ripe tomatoes, sweet onions, pattypan and yellow squash, green tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, green beans, eggplants, and some beautiful purple bell peppers. The beans went right in the freezer, the eggplants became baba ganoush, the cucumbers became refrigerator dill pickles (which Richie continues to marvel at and proclaim "really good!"), and the zucchini became bread.

I picked up delivery #5 yesterday. Despite being very bummed that the beans beneath the top layer were completely moldy, I was pleased with the rest of the haul. We have already eaten the corn and the carrots!

Clockwise, from lower lefthand corner: Yukon gold potatoes, kohlrabi, sweet corn, green bell peppers, blackberries, eggs, carrots, green beans, fennel, ruby red basil, and heirloom tomatoes in the middle.

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