Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Turkey Laap with Sticky Rice - Jan 19, 2011

Ground Turkey Laap, Larb, Laab

This recipe appeared in the February issue of Food & Wine magazine in an article they did on the cuisine of Laos. I was excited because we were introduced to a very similar dish when we were in Thailand a couple of years ago. The Thais call this laab, or larb, but apparently it is known as laap in Laos. I followed the recipe closely, but had to omit the fresh mint since the co-op isn't currently stocking it. I substituted with extra cilantro and the result was very tasty despite the omission. To complete the meal, I even steamed up some sticky rice to serve along side the laap. It was truly delicious and quite simple to make on a weeknight, with the exception of the sticky rice, but one could easily substitute jasmine rice to make the preparation a little easier. The flavor packed into these simple Southeast Asian dishes never ceases to amaze me. I would highly recommend giving this a try.
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