Wednesday, January 19, 2011

2011 is the year of good food: Jerk Chicken & Watermelon Cucumber Salad

Ok, Jaime here jumping into the blogging game. I've loved reading Jess and Nick's contributions and keep thinking I need to at least try to participate.

2010 was the year of eating again after a nightmare couple years of surgeries and digestive problems that lead me reliant on IV nutrition for a period; and 2011 is going to be the year of relearning how to enjoy great food again! My dishes aren't necessarily gourmet or what would typically considered to be healthy (my prescribed short-bowel diet is high carb, high protein, high salt, moderate fat, and low sugar) and though I try to use local and in-season food when I can, this first dish I'm posting about is definitely not that! I'm all about enjoying food... I don't take a single bite for granted anymore.

So, here is a meal I made over the weekend that was pretty yummy. I took a picture too on my iPhone and will try to upload that as well (is there an easy way to do that? if I could just blog directly from my phone then I'd be on here all the time!).

It was a cold and cloudy day and I've been dreaming about tropical weather. I also just picked up a new Martha Stewart Every Day Food cookbook at Costco and had Richie mark some recipes he would like me to try. He picked a bunch and I decided a good one to start with was Jerk Chicken with Watermelon and Cucumber salad. We didn't have any scallions on hand, so I used a regular onion. Next time I might ramp up the heat by using two jalapenos and try to marinate it longer. It had nice flavor, but could have been more intense.

The Martha Stewart cookbook is actually surprisingly really good. I have the other one they did too and it has a bunch of recipes we really like (and some that are duds). The pictures are great inspiration! I like finding recipes online, but books with nice photos are helpful when I don't have any good ideas. Tonight I'm attempting the recipe for the greek casserole pastitsio. We had a vegan version of it over the holidays at a friend's house and it was.... well, interesting. I'm hoping my meaty version comes close to the authentic one Richie is remembering.

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Jess said...

Oooh, Jaime, that looks delicious! I am so excited to have some company blogging in 2011. Thanks for the inspiration.


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