Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Weekly* CSA Hash - Aug 5, 2012

On the menu at Wise Acre is the aptly named CSA hash, made up of fresh vegetables grown on their farm just outside of Minneapolis.  Nick and I enjoyed our lunch there so much, that we've vowed to imitate it with our own CSA bounty each week.  For round one, we cooked up some bacon in our largest skillet.  Once that was done, we set it aside, drained off some, but not all, of the rendered fat from the skillet.  To the hot skillet we added potatoes, carrots, cauliflower and onions and let everything cook until the edges started to get brown and crispy.  Next we added zucchini, green peppers and cabbage and let everything cook a bit longer.  Finally, after turning off the heat, we mixed in some tomatoes and fresh basil and poured everything off onto our plates.  Nick used the same skillet to make up some eggs while I made toast and then, with plates piled high, we enjoyed a lovely summer brunch in the porch.
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