Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Summer Anchovy Salad - Aug 10, 2012

This salad recipe is from August 2012's issue of Bon Appetit.  I had high hopes because it combines several of our favorite things.  Nick and I love hard boiled eggs, tinned fish, in-season tomatoes, and simple summer salads.  On paper this looked like a clear winner.  In my bowl, however, I did not enjoy it as much as anticipated.  The salt content in the anchovies we used was way too concentrated for me to enjoy.  I think this recipe would work better with one extra step involving incorporating the mashed anchovies into a dressing with the olive oil and balsamic, and then drizzling it over the salad.  This would disperse the saltiness more evenly throughout the bowl.  While I had a hard time with it, Nick really enjoyed it as is, although he did make a point of manually organizing each forkful of salad to get a little anchovy across each bite.  Perhaps I should follow his lead, rather than shoving a whole anchovy fillet into my mouth at once.
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Jaime said...

I was long scared of anchovies, but have come around to them recently. Had the most delicious anchovy crostini at Craft Bar in NYC two years ago... mmmmmm.


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