Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Broccoli-Bacon Salad - July 23, 2012

Nick and I have been having a wide assortment of salads for dinner of late.  Does anyone else remember this one?  This, or something quite similar, was a favorite at my house growing up.  Fresh broccoli florets, crispy bacon, and crunchy sunflower seeds with some sort of mayonnaise-based dressing.  This is not my mom's recipe, just one I found online after consulting with my visiting sister, who begrudgingly informed me that, yes, the dressing mom uses is mayonnaise.  Turn up your nose if you like, but the end result is delicious.  It's classic Midwestern summer food, and you'll likely see a big bowl of it at most pot-lucks and graduation parties.
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Jaime said...

Totally. I love broccoli-bacon salad... My mom never made it though, which made it all the more appealing when I saw it on a potluck spread!


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