Friday, March 30, 2012

Smorrebrod - March 29, 2012

Open-faced Danish-style sandwiches, known as smorrebrod, are a new favorite at our house.  After seeing some pictures online and ordering one last weekend at a local restaurant, Nick and I decided to try making some at home.  We still have some marble rye leftover from our Reubens, so we toasted some slices to use as our base.  Next we spread some cream cheese and then piled on our toppings: dandelion greens, thinly sliced cooked golden beets, canned smoked trout, hard-boiled eggs, and pickled onions.  Delicious!  And, the combinations are endless (although, apparently the Danes have some rules, which I'm sure we did not follow).  We just happened to use what we had on hand.  It turns out that I have a weakness not only for Danish furniture, but also for the cuisine.  One of those things is slightly more accessible to me.
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