Saturday, October 01, 2011

Another Min-nicoise-ta Salad - Sept 24, 2011

How did the entire summer escape me before we made our annual Nicoise salad? The haricots vert that I found hiding in the crisper drawer from the CSA delivery two weeks ago (I know, I was ashamed of myself) were the impetus for this meal. I blanched those and then set them aside while I boiled potatoes and eggs. The rest of the plate is compiled of fresh, or preserved veggies, including some lovely red romaine lettuce, frisee, tomato wedges, olives and a pickle. Nick and I decided to omit the traditional anchovies and tuna in favor our beloved smoked trout. I whipped up a little red wine vinegar/olive oil/Dijon vinaigrette to drizzle over everything and we were in business.
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