Sunday, October 02, 2011

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bread - Sept 24, 2011

Fall is here, Dinner Clubbers. At least it's here in my Minneapolis kitchen. How do I know? Because I had a craving for pumpkin chocolate chip bread that was so great I had to go out on a Saturday afternoon to pick up canned pumpkin to make this. Being a 'pantry cook,' I prefer to cook with what I have on hand, making substitutions when I don't have all the ingredients in a recipe, and never, ever making an extra trip to a busy store for one measly ingredient. But this time, no substitutions would do.

Nick's mom, Nan, sent me this recipe after I tried it at her house and could not stop raving about it...or eating it. It's delicious! The recipe makes two loaves, which is good because that's one for me and one for Nick. Just kidding. Kind of. And, not to leave any moms out of the credits, that cute loaf pan is compliments of my mom. She knows my weakness for vintage thrifted kitchen ware and indulges me every once in awhile. So, thanks Moms!  You made my day.
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