Monday, October 24, 2011

Cauliflower Leek Gratin - Oct 13, 2011

This delicious gratin included cauliflower florets, leeks and chopped potatoes as it's base. I sauteed these all briefly together along with some butter and salt until the leeks were soft. Then, I mixed the vegetables with a basic bechamel sauce, which I made using whole milk, butter, flour and shredded baby Swiss cheese, with just a smidgen of nutmeg to season. After placing this mixture in my baking dish, I topped it with fresh whole wheat bread crumbs mixed with grated Pecorino-Romano and coarsely ground pepper. I baked this until the top got golden and toasty.  I used this recipe as a guide and was quite happy with the results I achieved with my additions and substitutions.  This is definitely the start to cold weather cooking in my kitchen.
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