Monday, January 30, 2012

Roasted Chioggia Beets over Spaetzle - Jan 25, 2012

Nick and I have a large number of root vegetables from our CSA. They're great because they store beautifully for months, which is especially good in our household since I have trouble being creative with them. I was making this meal up as I went along, popping some Chioggia beets in the oven to roast as I figured out the rest of the details. I knew that I wanted to use some of the sour cream we had in the fridge, because next to goat cheese, it's a beet's best friend. But on what should I serve this vaguely Eastern European combination? After flipping through our copy of 'How to Cook Everything,' which I had consulted to determine how I should roast the beets (individually wrapped in foil in a 400 deg oven for roughly 45 minutes, if you're curious), I decided on spaetzle. We hadn't made spaetzle in ages, it's quick, delicious, and seemed to fit the theme nicely.

It turned out much better than I could have hoped for upon starting to cook. I garnished with a little fennel frond.  Dill may have been the more traditional choice, but I didn't have any of that, so fennel it was.  It added a light and fresh flavor in addition to the pop of color.

And speaking of a pop of color, the beets were so beautiful that I couldn't resist some fun with color gradation.
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