Friday, January 13, 2012

Ranchers' Pie - Jan 4, 2012

This is a variation on shepards' pie that we've enjoyed a couple of times so far this winter. Because it includes ground beef in place of the traditional lamb, I've changed the name to something a bit more suitable. Try as I might, I cannot swallow ground lamb without it inducing a gag reflex. Something about the flavor just does not work for me. It's a bit upsetting, as I love everything else about sheep and harbor a secret dream of owning one or two someday. They're so irresistibly woolly! But, I digress. In addition to the substitution of beef for lamb, I've also topped our hearty winter pie with sweet potato mash, rather than regular potatoes. We have quite a few of them to work through from our CSA, and they are so lovely.

The recipe I follow is one from my sister Kate. It's originally from Gordon Ramsay, although I've made quite a few changes to it that I'm sure he wouldn't be happy about. But, I like his use of fresh herbs and red wine.  In addition to the big changes I mentioned above, I also cut the recipe in half since it was just Nick and I for dinner. It works well both in a souffle pan or, as I did this time, in individual ramekins. The two of us each ate one ramekin and after some discussion decided to split another, leaving us with just one to save for later.
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