Thursday, January 26, 2012

Pork Rillette - Jan 18, 2012

I wasn't kidding when I mentioned that Nick and I had been having 'snack-y' meals lately. Here's another one. This was definitely consumed while watching football. Pork rillettes are our favorite menu item these days and if a restaurant has these, or something similar (often referred to as 'potted meat'), rest assured we'll be ordering some along with our hearty winter beers. Pork rillettes are similar to pate, or confit...meat and fat cooked slowly and at great length until it turns into a rich, spreadable consistency.  It is rustic, hearty and delicious.

I happened to find this little container of potted meat at my favorite local butcher shop, Clancey's. I was there picking up some other supplies and was delighted to find this. Nick and I served it with the remaining crusty bread (purchased for our French onion soup), some quick pickled red onions (white vinegar and pepper corns), my homemade sage and Sauternes jelly, and a hearty mustard. Delicious! This is my new favorite hors d'oeuvres, hostess gift, and quick weeknight dinner.

Here are my other Clancey's goods. Lard, rendered on site, for my pie crusts, of course.  And in the back there? Duck fat. Hell yeah.
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