Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Peek into our Mornings...

Last week I collected these dishes together to bring them to the kitchen one morning, like I do nearly every morning.  For some reason it struck me as such a cheerful little sight, that I paused to take a quick picture.  Now, whether it's worth it or not, I'm sharing it with you, Dinner Clubbers.  On any given morning, I wake up to an empty little espresso cup sitting on the desk by the computer. It always makes me smile because I think of it as a secret message that Nick's day is off to a good start.   Next I usually make myself a mug of something too. Some mornings it's peppermint tea, some mornings it's a decaff latte (my body, sadly, does not tolerate caffeine well, which limits my coffee options). I take my cup at the desk too, often with a plate of toast, and sip while I check my email and favorite blogs. Then I pile everything up and bring it to the kitchen, ready to start the work of the day. I like our little morning ritual, and I like our happy coffee cups!
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